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Nicotine Alternative Products

Highest quality materials provide highest quality products

Nicotine Pouches


Our pouches do not contain any tobacco plant materials. We offer both dry and moist pouches with different nicotine strengths in multiple packages and flavors customized on demand.

No leakage technology used. 

Synthetic Nicotine


Our high-quality synthetic nicotine as raw material filed the TPMF through FDA and complies with the UPS standard. We offer nicotine, nicotine salt, nicotine polacrilex as a raw materials as well.



With our State-of-the-art laboratories and manufacturing sites, we are the only pharmaceutical grade e-juice factory based in Shenzhen and Beijing with GMP and CNAS facilities that offer both e-juice in bulk and in bottoles.

Snus Cans

Nicotine Pouches.jpeg

We offer customed snus cans in different materials and finishes. All food-grade materials were used. Plastic cand, food-grade metals boxes, etc. You name it, we make.

Snus Accessories


Snus Accessories are another product we can deliver. These re-usable cans are durable and of high quality. 

Make your brands different.

Disposbals Vapes

Disposable Vapes.jpeg

Disposable vape and pods kits are another business we can offer. We are cooperating with our partners in Shenzhen to provide you with the highest quality device with our flavored e-juice.

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